DMGS Old Boys Association of North America, Inc. Photos

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An overhead view of Dennis Memorial Grammar School

Dr. WC Eze, a prominent old boy and the first Nigerian military doctor.

Archdeacon TJ Dennis, whom our school is named after.

Archdeacon TJ Dennis, whom our school is named after.

Class of 1936 - At the center, as senior prefect is Professor K.O. Dike, Nigeria's First Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan

Class of 1957, cleaning dishes

Staff from 1932

Tugwell House of 1955 with DMGS Principal S.J. Cookey in the middle in a dark grey suit

Hon. Chief Dr. F. C. Ogbalu - Prominent Teacher, Author and Member Fed. House of Rep.

Mr. Samuel Ogoazi - First Old Boy Principal

Rev. H.D.O. Chiwuzie, Teacher and DMGS Principal

Rt. Rev. C.J. Patterson, DMGS Principal, the Bishop on the Niger and the Archbishop of West Africa